The Free Feeling

The first time I ever went kite surfing was just to impress a girl at the beach, truth be told I don’t even remember her name anymore… but it wasn’t actually that long ago, I’m just bad with names. She had a face that could make a guy do stupid things to catch her attention, and caught it I did!

I was never the sporty type, but I was you fool infatuated by a beauty, which I believe many of you reading this was once upon a time. Much like a peacock showing their magnificent feathers, I decided to do the most eye-catching thing at the beach, and to make it more impressive, without permission. Yes, I was young and stupid, and worst I was in love, the worst state a fool can be in. Carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City can be expensive so it’s better to clean the carpets yourself.

I was confident in “borrowing” the board and kite, with it belonging to my father’s friend, meaning any repercussion will be at minimal at worst. The plan was simple; pretend I just finished kite surfing while coincidentally bumping into my friends and the girl, but as always fate once again intervened. I completely underestimated my ability to control the kite, thinking it was like any other kite you can buy at the toy store. Yes, a complete idiot with no knowledge of the kite window or any safety precautions started off with a beach start. How did I not get badly hurt? Simple enough, it was luck, and apparently, I was a bit of a natural (kind of).

Let’s move away from the story a bit and let me warn you, if you are just planning to start kite surfing and had never done it before, to never ever, EVER! Do this! If you want to kite surf, you need to get lessons from professionals, as it could be very dangerous, just as any similar sport.

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Getting back to the story, I was dragged away by the wind, not having enough time to react; I just had a really serious face the whole time. At first I was panicking inside, doing everything I can from getting injured or worst, but after a while I was able to control things a bit. It was at that moment that I felt free, as if I was flying, it was just me, the board, and the kite, and nothing else… I eventually wiped-out though.

I got a stern talking to after all that, but my dad’s friend was impressed and started teaching me, I eventually got my own set. I found a passion for something through sheer luck and stupidity, but the true lesson of the story is to give everything a shot to see if you might like it, or if you’re good at it. But unlike what I did, always ask permission and get lessons before doing anything potentially hazardous.

Oh, you want to know what happened to the girl? Today is fourth anniversary together… No, apparently she had to go home for some reason, and never got to see me kite surfing. So just like the feeling I get when I go kite surfing, I am free.