So you want to be a member! Well unfortunately the membership is a bit full right now, not that we aren’t accepting more, we are just trying to fix our system, things are different from when we first started! Once upon a time, we were a dozen or so people taking meeting up every now and then to relax and have fun, more and more people joined and we started teaching newbies, and then we started to grow exponentially. Now we have to get a lot of things straightened out before we can start getting official members again.

Now, don’t down my friend! You can still be a part of the community! An un-official member if you will! Contact us and tell us about your personal tips and experiences so that we can post it on our site. The more active you are the more we get to know you, and once things get sorted out, you are basically instantly part of the group!


We require a deposit $10,000… JUST KIDDING! Membership, when open, is free. If we are planning an event though, we might ask for a contribution or potluck (if you are joining), we try to keep events as much is it was like when there was an intimate number of us.

Our more experienced expert instructs will be offering paid lessons soon, but just like the membership system, we are still working on that.

Basically everything here, content, tips, and soon videos are free.

How to Join Events and Outings

Right now we are only doing events and outings near and around our local area, so unless if you are planning a trip here you won’t be able to join in. We welcome you to join though if you are in the area, please do contact us first for us to know and for you to be informed of exactly when and where. We look forward to meeting you!


At the moment we are not holding any competitions or contests, but we do plan to soon, we are just looking for the right partners and if possible sponsors to help us with the event. We have a lot of great ideas in mind to give our members and community the best experience of healthy competition and fun! Keep in touch so that you might be informed of anything we might be holding not just in our local area but around the world.

Benefits of Being Part of the Community

Member or not, being an active part of our little community is quite beneficial. As stated above we do a lot of outings, contests, and events, though it is mostly just within our local area, we invite everyone to join in if they can!

Sharing your own Kite Surfing experiences with us will allow many to benefit from your story and the lessons you have learned. Who knows you might read about someone’s experience and tips that could help you develop your skills even further.

Membership might not be currently open but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be part of the community!