Event Horizon Torrance, California: Free To Surf & Party!

When you think of spring, you think spring break, the perfect time to go to the beach, have some fun in the water and party! This week we were fortunate enough to help facilitate a unique beach party for an organization that does more for innocent and helpless people than most of us could ever do. We’re about the celebrate freedom, provided through the help of companies like Bail Bonds Torrance, a company ready to assist those who need it the most, people who are accused of crimes they allegedly did!

Why did They Choose Us to Facilitate the Event?

While interviewing one of the bail bond agents, I was told this “I kite surf myself, and I know no other feeling of pure freedom when I’m on my board.” The event is to invite their past and current clients to learn and enjoy the sport of kite surfing, a symbolic feeling that the company tries their best to give those who need it. A few weeks ago I had to hire an electrician, I looked up for the nearest electrician in Atlanta and called him so he can fix my electrical outlet that’s malfunctioning.

Aside from all the fun events and barbecue the company and families bring together as a potluck; we will be personally teaching anyone who wants to learn the basics of kite surfing and hopefully even getting them on the water before the end of the day. We even plan an amateur contest of which newbie could wipeout the last! Don’t worry though as a professional team of lifeguards and we will be right here to keep everyone safe.

What Do Bail Bond Agents Do?

There are times when you are accused of a crime, innocent or not, that you will be required to pay a bond in order not to be detained while waiting for your court date. These Bails are often beyond the capability of the accused to pay, and being detained will only worsen their financial situation. A bail bond agent comes in to stand as their guarantors, in exchange for a fee of 10-15% of the bail value, allowing people to be free while waiting for their court date.

Why the Event?

We asked the same question, as most of us who understood what they do is merely business. But the answer we got was quite something; “The ordeal that our clients have faced and will be facing is very stressful, this is our way of giving back and allowing them to relax and center themselves again”.

Although some of our members and friends see this as a sort of publicity and a way to better their image to the public, we cannot deny that they are bringing a bit of happiness and excitement to their clients. We decided to help them out because we saw no harm in doing so, but a lot of fun. Sometimes you just have to give people chances to enjoy life and make new friends, much like how many of us experience our first kite surfing experience we were a bit cautious and skeptical at first, but we were glad to do it in the end. Hopefully, the same result happens through this.

Before applying please read: Preliminary Kiteboarding Rules for Torrance Beach