Event Horizon at Rancho Cucamonga, CA

So before we even launched our planned Event Horizon at Torrance for our friends in the bail bonds business, a lot of people and companies had caught up with what we are planning to do. Is this a new way to raise awareness or just a fun excuse to go kite surfing with new friends, either way, it is an awesome new possibility! Our new friends at Bail Bonds Rancho Cucamonga are asking if we could do something similar for them as they think this is not just a good way to promote their group but a great way to raise awareness.

“ A lot of people see the Bakersfield bail bonds businesses as just that, business, but some of us are in it not only as a way to provide for our families but as a way to help those who cannot afford bail bonds…”

A representative of the company stated in the email. Her email also said that though they must continue to function as a business to continue to exist, it is also to be able to help people who need it the most. She continued:

“We recognize that the system is broken, but our intention is to mend that broken system and become a helping hand…”

Although she has also admitted in her email that there are companies who are only in it for the money and is, in fact, taking advantage of the system.

Whether or not these are their honest intentions remains to be known, but as long as we bring joy and hold events that teach people about the sport of kitesurfing, we would gladly help out anyone whose aim is to better their community and aid people.

So what do you readers think? Does the bail bond community have more to it than what we see and hear? Should our kite surfing community help them out? Personally, I believe that when you are having fun and you allow other people to enjoyment that no matter what your intentions are at first, will evolve in the minds of other people.

Hopefully, the head honcho here in kitesurf is up for it! As for me, I’ll keep on enjoying the water and ocean breeze, so until they make up their mind and start planning things out, I’ll keep you guys Posted!